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7mm rem mag vs 300 win mag recoil

"Bullet Basics: Bonded.
I plan on using this rifle for all North American big game hopefully one day up to Brown Bear.
The cartridge uses a large rifle magnum primer type.
The commercially rarer 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum cartridge, a rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum introduced in 2002, is probably the other closest ballistic twin of the 7mm Remington Magnum.The.300 WM kicks slightly more.Prescott, AZ: Wolfe Publishing.Brendan: I plan on using this as a dedicated western rifle.Well beyond what the.30-06 can deliver.It a semi- custom rem 700 that I have kept quite light and it does the job a long ways out there!Well pretend both rifles weigh 8 pounds as shot.Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk Thanks FlyGuy.I hunt with a 7mm and have for 30 years mainly because that's what I have but anything from 308 up will handle anything in the lower.Regardless, if I had to pick just one of these for all-round hunting, it would be the 7mm Rem.Improved cartridge extraction reliability is desirable while hunting dangerous game, which would be of concern when needing a fast follow up shot.Our current fad for long-range shooting makes these studies in ballistics fascinating, but at normal hunting distances, neither cartridge has an appreciable advantage over the other.7 mag recoil is much more manageable in a lighter weight rifle.I do this with my bow as well, as I will practice out to 75-100 yards but only shoot out to 50 usually when hunting.Its not perfect for the smallest and the largest critters, but it will work on any of them.I like to practice a lot farther then I will shot when hunting.Wind deflection is determined by a combination.C.However, If you hang around here, then I seriously doubt you are only going to have ONE hunting rifle.Lets run a quick ballistic comparison and see the tale of the tape.Attachment WM g Reply With" Post Thanks / Like - 1 Thanks, 0 Likes 1 Member(s) thanked for this post #16 Reply With" #17 Get one of each Reply With" Post Thanks / Like - 0 Thanks, 1 Likes 1 Member(s) liked.
Light Target contour, 20 Rem 700 stainless action, trued and fluted and barrel installed at Northwest Action Works Stockys Carbon fiber stock HS Precision detachable bottom metal Talley UL rings Vortex scoutmaster gift ideas Razor HD LH 3-15x42 Shooting 143 ELD-X loaded to match velocity on the box.

10 Thus one would do well to use a premium bullet of some sort, for instance a bonded bullet.