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Emotionally intense gifted child

Take time to listen to childrens ideas, opinions and feelings.
Historically the expression of intense feelings has been seen a sign of emotional instability rather than as evidence of a rich inner life.If this is not made clear to them they may see their own intense experiences as evidence that something is wrong with them.The medical community tends to see these conflicts as symptoms and labels gifted people neurotic.We can help our emotionally intense gifted children to accept nurse coworker gifts their inner world of experience and value it as strength.Appropriate discipline is the consistent application of values, rules and behaviours that are held to be important in the family.It is emotional intensity that fuels joy in life, passion for learning, the drive for expression of a talent area, the motivation for achievement.Discuss feelings openly; the negative as well as the positive.Play, fun and leisure activities are essential for strong emotional development.Help them to use their intellect to develop self-awareness and self-acceptance.Just as gifted childrens thinking is more complex and has more depth than other childrens, so too are their emotions more complex and more intense.Emotional intensity in the gifted is not a matter of feeling more than other people, but a different way of experiencing the world: vivid, absorbing, penetrating, encompassing, complex, commanding a way of being quiveringly alive.Emotional intensity can be expressed in many different ways: as intensity of feeling positive feelings, negative feelings, both positive and negative feelings together, extremes of emotion, complex emotion that seemingly move from one feeling to another over a short time period, identification with the feelings.The most important thing we can do to nurture emotionally intense gifted children is to accept their emotions: they need to feel understood and supported.By Lesley Kay Sword, giftedness has an emotional as well as intellectual component.In this way emotionally intense children will be empowered to express their unique selves in the world and use their gifts and talents with confidence and joy.Handbook of Gifted Education.
Intellectual complexity goes hand in hand with emotional depth.
Emotionally intense gifted people often feel abnormal.