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Gift tax on property in india

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The stamp duty to be paid for the POA registration varies for each state in India.
Power of Attorney (POA as we have established so far in this article, any NRI is allowed to purchase and sell property in India, as long as they comply with the requirements imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Percent excise items list,2,1 sep,1,1 excise,2,10 year nsc,7,10(10C 1,1000 court cases judgements supplied to ITO,7,1000 rupee note,3,11-2008,1,11-2010,1,130 items,1,1,15 august,2,150 Rs I,3,194A,5,194c from cst,1,2 excise,1,2004,1,2008,1,2008-09 FY,1,2010,2,206AA,14,234A 234B 234C,10,234c interest annexure II,4,25 paisa challan,4,281,4,282,2,283,2,29 august,2,.,1,2,29/2008 service tax,2,2g meaning use,1,3 idiots,1,30 march,4,31st March,18,32-2010,1,33 of meaning use,1,40(b 3,43B,4,44.Consult your chartered accountant on the tax liability due to investing money received as gifts.It is calculated as the difference between the cost price and selling price of the property.There are two types of Capital Gains Tax, categorized based on how long the property was owned.Retrieved from " p?titleGift_tax oldid ".Also, the gifts can be exempt even if they arent received from these relatives, if they are received during your marriage.The Stamp duty charges differ from state to state and also based on gender.The buyer has to make the purchase in rupees through funds received in India via normal banking channels, or through funds maintained in any non-resident account under fema and RBI regulations.Gift deed format, when you give gift to someone, it is essential to back it up using gift deed.10,000 is taxable in your hands.You will have to report gift value under income from other sources.But a major clause regarding the purchase is that none of the payments can be made in foreign currency.The top federal estate tax rate.NRO savings accounts can also be maintained through post offices in India.They are also permitted to take loans for home repairs and renovations.
The Reserve Bank of India governs an NRIs property investment transactions and they come under the authority.