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Ground sweep fire nozzles

Any penetrations through the assembly must be properly protected to prevent the spread of fire.
Command Presence The lego ca promo code ability to maintain composure in stressful situations.Helispot An unimproved area large enough to land a helicopter.146 Light duty, 258 Lightning, as cause of fire, 73 Lights, pickup or hose, 146-147 Liquid fuels, 92-94 boiling point, 92-93 flash point, 93 miscibility, 94 specific gravity, 92 vapor density, 93 vapor pressure, 92 volatility, 92 Liquified petroleum gas (LPG 429-431 Local area network.Oral panel An interview technique in which the interviewers ask questions and evaluate the answers given by job candidates.176 Compressed air foam system (cafs 152 Conduction, 97-98 Cone roof, 427 Confined space, 138 Confinement, 387-388 Conflagration, 70 Construction types, 331-332 Contaminated, 413 luxury hot chocolate gift set Contract fire protection service, 221-222 Control lines, 33 Convection, 98 Cost recovery, 236-237 Court system, 323-324 Cover a station, 214 Critical.Elevators leave from this area to service the upper floors.Delmar Publishers fire text Web site.International Association of Fire Chiefs Web site.Technical training Training in the specifications and limitations of equipment or calculation of information necessary to operate the equipment.Tactical support A vehicle equipped to provide the needs of firefighters at the emergency scene.First-alarm complement The equipment normally dispatched when a fire is first reported.67-69 purpose and scope of fire agencies, 73-76 risk management, 78-80 Public fire protection careers.Ambulance gurney The wheeled cot that patients are placed on prior to transport in the ambulance.Conducted to help personnel better deal with their emotions.Burst pressure The pounds per square inch of pressure at which a container will fail.Hydraulics The computation of the required pressure to be applied to water to overcome the effects of pressure loss due to friction in piping and fire hose.
Mitigation Reducing the hazard, making less severe.