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Mighty Triadtron Diamond Before leaving the topic of Mighty Diamonds, we must look at an alternative topology: the Mighty Triadtron Diamond.
PDF T-Rex Shunt Regulators Dick Olsher has created a mighty 300B amplifier: the T-Rex (Transformer King, in other words, as the amplifier uses Plitron toroidal output transformers, power transformers, and chokes).Last year, I laid out a new version of the noval ccda PCB, bringing it into Rev.The Secret Behind the srpp In spite of its immense popularity and few circuit elements, few understand how the srpp circuit works.We saw it back in blog number 211.My approach places two output stages in parallel, a richly biased class-AB and a true class-C stage.Solid-State Circlotrons The solid-state Circlotron was patented in 1959.After a few hundred tracks show up, I press play.And I long to own a fine gas-operated shotgun, such as the famous Remington Model 1100 or the Browning Maxus.Yet making a great simple amplifier is probably more difficult than making a great complex amplifier, as each part is asked to do so much.The Swinish H1N1 Flu In the last half of December, I fell ill with what I can only surmise was the H1N1 flu.I know a few absolute partisans, who will not tolerate current catalog discount code the other type of tubes.For example, the bottom output device never sees anything close to unity gain from its connection to the bottom triode's cathode.They are relabeled 6P15P pentodes, a Russian equivalent of an EL83, whereas the 6P14Ps are the Russian equivalent to the EL84.For example, too big a movie screen will never cause your eyes to hurt, whereas too loud sounds will make your ears bleed.Rmaf Aftershocks Last year's rmaf still reverberates in my mind.A super-triode amplifier is a hybrid design that gives the driving wheel to a triode, so the tube can control the current current conduction of a higher-current device, such as a power mosfet or transistor or power pentode or, even, an IC power amplifier.Would I ever read any of them again?Think of being like a vending machine that only accepts valid bills and coins, while returning counterfeit money.Class-AC Impedance Multiplier Circuit Finally, we arrive at where I wanted to end up: the class-AC IMC.Its a dang pity that amplifier hold a power rating, as power is confusing, because it doesn't linearly correlate well with our perception of acoustic power.The design is single-ended throughout, appearances to the contrary.
For example, do you remember this super-triode version of a GainClone power amplifier from blog 179?
As a child in the 60s, I disliked intensely the residue of the '50s I could see around me the cars, music, fashions, and black-and-white movies.

Auto-Bias Single-Ended Output Stages Having just written the above section, I must quickly announce that the following design idea is not limited to power buffers; it just that power buffers were what I was examining when the idea came.
Tetra Phono Preamp I have complied a list of matching plate and cathode resistors for use with common tubes in the Tera's ccda stages.