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Beaten, Croc prepared himself for death, but the fatal blow never came.
When Heilang and the Lin Kuei gain the Phantom Crowns, the Furious Five abc win a trip to disney had a hard time until Master Crane used one of his mother's items to make the Lin Kuei visible after they threatened Yan Fan.
Po arrives and fights Hundun and his accomplices while working to put out the fuse.On a mission to retrieve wool coats back from the Wool Stealing Crocodile Bandits (it is unknown if he met Master Croc back then he was captured due to his overconfidence and lack discount kitchen cabinets charleston sc of listening skills when one of the sheep villagers tried to warn.It is later revealed that Viper was pretending the whole time.This is why, at first, he seemed unable to achieve inner peace.Master Crane fought with Fenghuang in the sky over the village which ended with Master Crane and Po causing Fenghuang to crash to the ground in defeat.When Po defeats Tai Lung, Tigress is the first to acknowledge him as a master of kung fu, giving him a smile and bowing to him in respect, with the rest of the Five following suit.He and the Black Moon Scavenger Clan attacked the Jade Palace's arena only to be defeated by the player's character.Eventually, Po caught onto Sanzu's plans where he was able to free the orphans from his control.When Po discovered that Fenghuang's talons can't shred iron, Po and the other Furious Five were able to use the iron objects to break Fenghuang's talons.But the only member of Gongman City's royal family ever to befriend the wolves was Shen, the heir to Gongmen City's throne.This task is revealed to be the theft of the Crown of Heaven and when Shifu intends to steal the crown from the museum in order to protect Mei Ling from Jungjie, she sets a plan with Po and the Furious Five in order.While Hundun incapacitated Po at the Pool of Sacred Tears, Meng Tao drew a pair of blades and attempted to murder Lu Kang squashing Lu Kang's bean pod in the process.He used Po's hunger against him, offering him food and then attacking him while his guard was down.

Following Junjie's defeat, Shifu stated to Po that he knew Junjie was impersonating Grand Master Oogway because the real Grand Master Oogway never said "awesome." In the episode's final scene, it was shown that the real ghost of Grand Master Oogway was watching the battle.
Su puts Song up to the task to charm Po into allowing them to enter the Jade Palace, so Song asks Po to "show her around the village".
When Po returned to the Jade Palace, two representatives of Jong's guards were seen telling Master Shifu that Po had assisted Fung into breaking into Jong's castle.